• Balloon Sinus Dilation Procedure

    The concept of Balloon Sinus Dilation comes from the field of cardiology where balloons have been used for years to gently dilate blocked heart arteries. In Balloon Dilation, the goal is to open blocked sinus passages in order to allow the sinuses to drain freely.

    In 2005, balloons were introduced as a way of dilating these sinus passages to enlarge the drainage pathways.

  • What are the advantages of Balloon Sinus Dilation?

    Balloon Dilation offers a much quicker recovery with less pain and bleeding since no tissue is removed. Patients may only need mild sedation for the procedure and recovery time is only 1-2 days with many patients resuming normal activity within hours. Balloon Dilation performed at the New Orleans Sinus Center is a simple and quick endoscopic procedure that opens/reshapes the sinus passages without tissue removal.

  • Sinusitis affects 37 million Americans annually

    Although medications may help the majority of people, there are still many that require
    additional procedures for relief of their symptoms.